AL-3・AL-2・AL-1 Seedling conveyors

Just one person is needed to load beet seedlings.
Up to four layers of seedlings can be loaded.
Operation is easy with the switch at hand.
Seedlings can be loaded on pallets without having to hold them by hand.

Main specifications

Model Dimensions/weight System to move forks up and down Power source Battery
Total length (mm) Total width (mm) Total height (mm) Weight (kg)
AL-1 1,290 1,160 1,385 80 Wire winding DC-12V 95D26R
AL-2 1,550 1,130 1,385 95 Wire winding DC-12V 95D26R
AL-3 1,550 1,150 1,385 100 Wire winding DC-12V 95D26R