STP-2ST STP-model beet transplanter (type using a seedling separator)

ビート移植機(苗分離器を使うタイプ) STP-2ST

Two-furrow-planting transplanter (with a separating device)
Labor-saving, one-passenger type
Seedlings supplied to one conveyor are automatically separated to two furrows.

Main specifications

Model Dimensions/weight Applicable tractor No. of nursery lines Seedling box Efficiency
Total length (mm) Total width(mm) Total height(mm) Weight(kg)
STP-2ST 2,300 2,200 1,270 680 44 Kw or more (60 ps or more) 2 20a/h
STP-2MST 2,300 2,200 1,510 740 44 Kw or more (60 ps or more) 2 20a/h